Should You Make Your E-book Available in Print? 5 Easy Steps

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With the increasing popularity of e-books, many independent authors have made their focus capturing market share in this media. While e-book market share continues to climb, if we ignore the print market we can leave behind a large portion of book buyers. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy and cost effective way to reach that market.

My co-author and I used Bookbaby to publish our e-book. They do offer book printing but after investing our money in professional editing, book cover design and electronic formatting, we decided to look for a print on demand option instead.

We settled on CreateSpace and I found them to be incredibly flexible and easy to work with. Their turn around time was excellent and each revision returned within a day or two.
If you are someone adept at converting files, the process is quite simple:

1. Sign up for a free CreateSpace account:
2. Submit your interior, exterior and cover PDF
3. Receive format approval, then on-line proof
4. Review the on-line proof (hard copy proof also available for cost of book)
5. Approve your proof

That’s all there is to it. All this assumes that your PDF is pristine and that you have done an excellent job ensuring that there are no mistakes in the files you submit. In this case, the cost to you will be nothing but your time. Customers will order directly from Amazon and you will pay only for the books you order.

If you are like I am, with no expertise in formatting, you might need some help. Despite hiring a professional editor and reviewing our e-book from start to finish five times, there were still some very minor errors that I found which necessitated repeating steps 3 and 4 a few times. Here was my process from start to finish:

1. Sign up for Createspace: I signed up for a free account and did not choose to use any of their extra services.
2. Hire a freelancer to help with formatting. I bid the job on
My specifications were for a PDF file to Createspace specifications along with a cover conversion and exterior file (using the design from the e-book). I provided the contractor with a word file. I received many bids ranging from $100 to $500 and found an excellent contractor who agreed to do the job for $100.
3. Sent the finished PDF for interior and exterior and cover to CreateSpace
4. Received on-line proof from CreateSpace
5. Asked contractor to make minor edits
6. Sent Revised PDF to Create Space
7. Received Revised on-line proof
8. Ordered Book Proof
9. Asked contractor to make one more set of minor edits (page break not centered that I failed to notice on my original file)
10. Sent Revised PDF to CreateSpace
11. Received on-line proof from CreateSpace
12. Approved Proof

Our Elance contractor was so gracious every time I asked for these tiny revisions, that we decided to pay him a bonus for his extra work. I am happy to recommend him if you send me a message through my website.

Now the book is available on Amazon and I’ve put a link to the paperback version on my website. I can order copies at my cost and sell them wholesale to other distributors as well as send them out for reviews. I feel that I can better market my book knowing that it is available in whatever format my readers prefer. A few may even find their way into some Christmas stockings this year.


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