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Author Interview with Ron Barak

I just finished a highly enjoyable read of The Amendment Killer, a political and legal thriller by fascinating bestselling author Ron Barak that will be out in stores everywhere this November. I then had the chance to sit down and visit with Ron, someone I would describe as a most unique and unusual kind of novelist, one you will want to add to your reading list if he’s not already there. Lynne: Good morning, Ron. On your website (, you brand yourself as blurring the lines of reality and fiction. You might say the handwriting was on the wall. Or … Read More

Interview with Allison Brennan in the big THRILL

No one likes a bully, but even bullies deserve justice, according to Max Revere, the no-nonsense, investigative journalist in Book Three of the Max Revere series, POISONOUS. Max receives a letter from a mentally challenged teen asking for her help: his stepsister Ivy Lake is dead, and Ivy’s mother blames him. Max is moved by Tommy’s plea and decides to investigate the cold case. She soon discovers that Ivy’s talent for using social media to spread her poison has ruined more than one life.  Whether Ivy Lake’s plunge from a cliff was an accident or a homicide is unclear, but Max is determined to find out. Every town has its secrets and the picturesque Corte Madera is … Read More

Interview with Ellen Kirschman in the big THRILL

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the minds of police officers, pick up one of Ellen Kirschman’s books. Her latest, THE RIGHT WRONG THING, takes psychologist Dot Meyerhoff behind closed doors and into her sessions with cops in crisis. It is a world where outsiders are unwelcome and closed ranks are the norm. When rookie officer Randy Spelling shoots an unarmed pregnant teen, it is the catalyst for a series of events that tears the community and the department apart. For over thirty years you’ve worked with police and first responders. What first made you interested in specializing … Read More

Interview with Jennifer Jaynes in the big THRILL

UGLY YOUNG THING brings readers back to the town of Grand Trespass, Louisiana where sixteen-year-old Allie is trying to piece her life back together after the death of her mother and only brother. When the book opens, we meet Allie, a traumatized young girl forced to rely on her looks to survive. All she has left of her family are horrible memories from her traumatic upbringing, and disgrace from the infamy that now accompanies her name. That’s what happens when your mother and brother are both murderers, and you live in a small town. Allie gets a break when a … Read More

Interview with Tiffany Snow in the big THRILL

The Big Thrill caught up with Tiffany Snow, romantic suspense author of The Kathleen Turner Series, Blank Slate and most recently, The Tangled Ivy Trilogy. IN HIS SHADOW is Book One in the new series and features Ivy Mason, a beautiful yet tortured soul, afraid to let anyone get close to her. Enter Devon Clay, a charming and mysterious man determined to insinuate himself into Ivy’s life. Sparks fly as Ivy becomes increasingly unable to resist Devon’s charms and finally succumbs to his advances. She soon discovers that he harbors a dangerous secret and that she risks losing more than … Read More

Interview with Julie Lawson Timmer in the big THRILL

What if you had to say goodbye to everyone you loved in just five short days? Debut author Julie Lawson Timmer’s riveting novel FIVE DAYS LEFT takes you on a heartbreaking journey alongside a woman who must do just that. Mara Nichols has everything—a wonderful marriage, successful career, and adoring daughter until a stunning diagnosis unravels her entire world. As she counts down her final days, she considers her dwindling choices and wrestles with the decision she knows in her heart is the right one. A parallel story intertwines with Mara’s. Scott, a virtual friend of Mara’s who lives across … Read More

Interview with Jan Needle in the big THRILL

Jan Needle brings back the beloved characters from KICKING OFF in the second of a series. This one is called THE BONUS BOYS.  Cynical investigator Andrew Forbes – drinker, smoker, gambler – was always an unlikely partner for Rosanna Nixon, so apparently demure that she’s known as the Mouse. Their love affair has not survived their first brutal clash with sordid reality, although both have found the break-up devastating. Now they are thrown together in the world of “the bonus boys”– men so rich that normal rules do not apply. But the world of wealth and country mansions loses its veneer when a gang of … Read More

Interview with Shiloh Walker in the big THRILL

Shiloh Walker has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember. She put pen to paper as early as third grade and has never looked back. The author of more than one-hundred books and short stories, she sold her first book in 2002 to Ellora’s Cave when electronic publishing was in its infancy. Romance and urban fantasy are her chosen genres, and she has written many popular series in both. SWEETER THAN SIN is the riveting second book in the Secrets and Shadow series and takes place in the small town of Madison, Indiana. There is an ugly … Read More

Interview with Terry Shames in the big THRILL

Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for a page-turning tale of murder and betrayal small town style. DEAD BROKE IN JARRETT CREEK is the third in the mystery series featuring the lovable Samuel Craddock, former chief of police. The fictionalized town of Jarrett Creek, Texas has its share of secrets and a cast of characters to rival any soap opera. Recent financial troubles have caused the town to totter on the brink of bankruptcy and left it unable to pay for a full-time police force. When Gary Dellmore, a man with as many flaws as enemies, turns up … Read More

Interview with Allison Leotta in the big THRILL

Anna Curtis fans rejoice! She’s back, this time on the other side of the legal system, as she fights to prove her sister’s innocence when the beloved football coach from their high school turns up murdered. When Anna first arrives in town, she’s confident that her sister could have had nothing to do with the coach’s death. As she becomes involved with the investigation though, she begins to wonder if she knows her sister as well as she thought. Be prepared to lose sleep as you find yourself turning page after page to get to the startling finish. This month, … Read More

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