Author Interviews

Interview with Alex Kava in the big THRILL

Bestselling author Alex Kava burst onto the publishing landscape in 2000 with her breakout novel, A Perfect evil. Since then, she’s written thirteen books and is the creator of the bestselling Maggie O’Dell series. Now, Kava begins a new series featuring ex-marine Ryder Creed, debuting in BREAKING CREED. Despite his tough exterior, Ryder has soft spot for animals in need and has built a business rehabilitating abused and discarded dogs he then trains to be search animals. His weakness for the underdog leads him to rescue and harbor a young girl being used as a drug mule—despite the fact that … Read More

Interview with Ryan Quinn in the big THRILL

You may want to rethink what you do in public—at least if you’re a character in Ryan Quinn’s exciting tech thriller END OF SECRETS, where Hawk, the eye in the sky, might just be watching while you sit on the subway or walk along the street, unaware of the camera aimed right at you. CIA agent Kera Mersal is recruited to a black-op team code named Hawk. Her first assignment—find out how four people could disappear seemingly into thin air. An ominous message written in graffiti haunts Kera as she comes across it time and time again—Have you figured it … Read More

Interview with Mary Louise Kelly in the big THRILL

Caroline Cashion’s idyllic upbringing has always been a source of comfort to her, the result of which is a close adult relationship with her parents and siblings. She leads a quiet, academically rich life, spending her days teaching nineteenth-century French literature, and nights with her nose buried in a book. So when her chronic wrist pain leads her to have an MRI, she is stunned to discover that she has been carrying around a bullet in her neck. One discovery leads to another. As her past unravels, she learns that the first three years of her life are a mystery—her … Read More

Interview with Mark Alpert in the big THRILL

  If you’ve ever wondered whether intelligent life exists on other planets, THE ORION PLAN may well convince you that it does. This heart-stopping, page-turning thriller tells a story that feels not only possible, but terrifyingly probable. Mark Alpert is a contributing editor atScientific American and an internationally bestselling author of science thrillers such as Final Theory, The Omega Theory, Extinction, and The Furies. In THE ORION PLAN, he has crafted a fascinating cast of characters whose vast differences would prevent their paths from crossing on an ordinary day. But the arrival of a space probe in the heart of Manhattan is anything but ordinary. A homeless drunk, the … Read More

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