Interview by Joyce Strand on Strand’s Simply Tips

Lynne and Valerie Constantine shared the experience of growing up together in the U.S. as second-generation sisters in a Greek family. They drew on this experience to write CIRCLE DANCE, a novel reviewed as a “real page turner” “with lots of twists and turns” and “all about real people:” two second-generation Greek sisters and their adult life experiences. Reviewers are quick to add that, “This story will resonate with Greeks and non-Greeks alike.” Although the two sisters enjoyed collaborating on CIRCLE DANCE, they are currently working on individual projects. Lynne has finished the first draft of her next book, a … Read More

Interview on Paul Dorset’s Blog – Utterances of an Overcrowded Mind

Paul: I like to start my interviews by asking if you have any writing rituals? Lynne: When I sit down to write, I start by spending about 15 minutes on Twitter, re-tweeting, posting and responding to others. It helps to transition me from the hectic activity of daily life into the creative mode. Sometimes the 15 minutes turns into 30 and then I have to muster every kernel of self-control to stop socializing and start writing. I plug in my earphones, open ITunes and play Mozart while I write. I write non-stop for 1 hour, and then take a quick … Read More

Interview in Ikaria Magazine

Turning the pages of Circle Dance, Ikarian-American readers will feel a strong kinship with Theodora and Nicole Parsenis, the two sisters who live at the heart of the story. Written by Valerie and Lynne Constantine, sisters and writers, Circle Dance is a beautifully crafted tale of the bonds that unite an Ikarian-American family as they navigate the challenges and changes that occur among three generations of life in America. Ikaria Magazine literary correspondent, Dena Koklanaris recently spoke with Valerie and Lynne about the undertaking of their tremendous novel, and where they are headed as gifted chronicles of the Ikarian-American experience. … Read More

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