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How to Engage with Influencers on Twitter

Twitter is an amazing universe that makes it possible to interact with just about anyone. While it’s true that tweeting to Stephen King might not get you a response, there is a chance it could. Perhaps it’s not a best-selling author you’re looking to engage with. Is there a literary agent or publisher that you’d love to connect with? Maybe it’s a reviewer or well-known blogger that you’re interested in engaging. The sky’s the limit with Twitter, but there is some etiquette involved. Don’t tweet to a well-known author asking him or her to read your book Do read his … Read More

How to Attract More Followers on Twitter

Have you ever wondered what makes some authors attract thousands of followers, while some sit unnoticed? There are many things that go into creating a thriving following on Twitter. As in life, on social media, first impressions count. Your Twitter profile is only one component of your author platform and should complement your overall brand. That means the photo on your website, and your Facebook author page, should be the same one used on Twitter (all social media sites should have a similar look and feel). Your header photo should also be the same one used on all other social … Read More

Why do you Need Twitter?

When I give talks about Twitter, the question I encounter most often is why. Why do I need to tweet? Why is Twitter important? Why should I spend my time on it? There are around 313 million active users who could give you one reason or another. Before I can answer why you need Twitter, I would need to better understand your goals. I work primarily with other authors, so I’ll focus on the reason I, and many other authors, find Twitter an indispensable social media channel. First of all, did I mention 313 million users? Twitter is a virtually … Read More

The Seven Deadly Sins to Avoid on Twitter

What NOT to Do if You Want to Increase Your Following  1. Protect Your Tweets –Twitter is an open platform based on people being able to connect with anyone. If I go to follow you and I get a “pending” message, I unfollow immediately. Unless you plan to  approve only family and friends (that’s what a personal Facebook is for) why are you going through the motion to approve me? Chances are your approval will be based on nothing other than the profile info anyway, which you have no way of verifying is accurate. 2. Use True Twit Validation – … Read More

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How to Tweet like a Pro

    You’ve set up a killer profile, been faithfully building your following, even started categorizing your followers into lists. Now you have to give people a reason to continue to follow you—but how? You’ve probably heard the expression:  “Content is King” (or Queen) depending on your point of view. So what is good content? Remembering that social media is all about building relationships and connections – ask yourself what you might say to a new friend or colleague you’ve just met. What kind of first impression would you make if the first thing you did was introduce yourself and … Read More

Ten Tips to Increase Your Engagement on Twitter

  Don’t take weekends off—or at least schedule some tweets for Saturday and Sunday. Engagement is 17% higher for brands on weekends. The early bird gets the worm —Start tweeting at 8:00 a.m. and continue until 7:00 p.m. – you’ll increase your engagement by 30%. A picture is worth a thousand words—tweets with images get two times as much engagement as those without them. Brevity is the soul of wit—tweets with less than 10 characters receive 17% higher engagement than longer tweets. Don’t make empty promises—always provide a link with your tweets – you’ll get 86% more retweets than those … Read More

Using #Hashtags to Increase your Reach on #Twitter

You’ve been tweeting for a while now, built a decent following, maybe even made some lists to organize your followers. You’ve learned how to share great content and are curious why you’re not getting more retweets. Perhaps you’ve noticed other tweets with that strange looking pound sign attached to a word. If you’re not using hashtags, you are severely limiting your reach. Research has shown that tweets with hashtags get twice the engagement as those without them. Hashtags are a way to categorize tweets and make them easy to find on any given topic. You can use already existing hashtags … Read More

Get Organized on Twitter with Lists

Everything You Wanted to Know About Lists and Were Afraid to Ask You’ve made a Twitter account, written a killer profile, begun following people, and have started tweeting. Before you find yourself with a disorganized cluster of followers, take a step back and think strategically about your goals. Using lists is a great way to start. Your lists will help you to keep a handle on exactly what’s going on in your Twittersphere. To make a list: When you follow a new person:`Click on gear icon Choose add or remove from lists Next you can create a list or add … Read More

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