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The Betrayal, A Short Story

Stewart is everything a woman could want: smart, good looking, charming, and moneyed. Underneath the polished exterior is a cold and calculating misogynist. Nothing stands in the way of what Stewart wants. When he begins wooing Joanie, a lumpish and dull secretary at the university, everyone is staggered, including Joanie. Her surprise turns to delight when he can’t get enough of her but she has no idea that she has been targeted by Stewart for a darker purpose.

5 Star Amazon Reviews:

Valerie and her sister Lynne did an amazing job in "Circle Dance," creating a believable narrative, a family we could love and trust. In this story, Valerie gives us an inside look into Stewart's past. She further develops this character we love to hate and really, leaves us wanting more. Perhaps the prequel should be an entire book. Maybe we could learn what made Stewart this way. I'll be waiting for the next one!

-- Maria A. Karamitsos, Associate Editor - The Greek Star newspaper

This is a story that revolves around a narcissist named Stewart who possesses an astounding ability to manipulate people. He begins his conquest by preying on an unsuspecting girl, who is utterly rendered speechless by his charms. This girl Joanie, is overjoyed that Stewart a drop dead gorgeous scoundrel... I mean man, is lavishing his attentions upon her. Stewart of course, is using this infatuation she has with him to his advantage to begin to plan and orchestrate his ruse.

I found Valerie Constantine's writing to be crisp and descriptive and always propelling forward. I don't think I ever even took my eyes off the page until I finished the last one. Now that...is great writing!

I highly recommend giving this short story a read.


Valerie Constanite (Circle Dance) can really write despicable men! Stewart is a scroundrel, no that would be too kind, a misanthrope is more like it, that you just want to keep reading more about. I've never read a "prequel' before. However, I read Circle Dance a while back and am planning on reading it again. Especially now that I know more about Stewart.



The Deception, A Short Story

The Deception, A Short Story

(Circle Dance Character Prequel)

Theodora Parsenis believes that Stewart Elliott is the man of her dreams: charming, chivalrous, and charismatic. Despite her father’s reservations about their ten-year age difference, she throws herself into the new relationship with abandon. Stewart is a master at letting others see only what he wants and soon has Theodora’s father fooled into thinking he is the perfect choice for Theodora.

5 Star Amazon Reviews

Lynne Constantine and her sister Valerie created some incredibly engaging characters in "Circle Dance," and we're left clamoring for more. Lynne is back with her own prequel to "Circle Dance," called "The Deception," describing Stewart's introduction to the Parsenis Family.

Together, the Constantine sisters have developed this family who we've become so connected with, we can't get enough of them. Separately, they have crafted beautifully written stories giving us a glimpse into Stewart's past and how he ingratiated himself into this wonderful family. It's so well written, we want more. Apart, they write really good stories, but together, these sisters create magic. I'll say it again--I hope they'll come together to compose a full-length prequel. Or even a sequel to "Circle Dance." We just can't get enough.

--Maria A. Karamitsos, Associate Editor - The Greek Star newspaper

If the ability to deliver tales of human deception and manipulation were a cash crop, Ms. Constantine would be among the Farmers' 500. Are her characters as scheming as real life players? Probably so, but any as cleverly diabolical as the weasels she portrays would probably go undetected by my radar. Not a problem, though, I know I'll find them abundantly planted in her writings.

--Ron Hazelton

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