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Mother’s Day, A Short Story

It’s another Mother’s Day and Miranda is still not pregnant. Repeated fertility treatments have left her defeated and despondent. Everyone, it seems, is a mother except her. As she prepares to spend another Mother’s Day surrounded by family, Miranda must come to terms with how her infertility has affected her relationship with her husband, her sisters and her friends. But the ultimate challenge is learning to forgive her own body for its betrayal and recognizing when hope has changed from an ally to a foe.

5 Star Amazon Reviews:

Any woman who has gone through fertility problems can relate to Miranda's state of mind. A very poignant story that takes you on a journey in this young woman's life and the family that surrounds her. Lynne Constantine (Circle Dance) has done it again in this short story about family and the interwoven stories and emotions surrounding, and creating, a family.


I had the privilege of reviewing an advanced copy of Mother's Day A Short Story. It is a poignant look at a specific intimate struggle. The first paragraphs drew me in as Miranda, whose unhappiness borders on misery, is introduced. The reader is gently guided through the personal devastation Miranda is trying but failing to come to terms with. The people around her allow her to express her feelings without getting defensive; their love for her is clearly strong. But it's not enough to sustain her through her journey. Finally, more devastating news helps her to take the focus off herself as she makes a startling revelation, one that will allow her to move forward no matter what the outcome.


A Mother's Day is an enjoyable read! I'd like to know more about Miranda.

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