How to Attract More Followers on Twitter

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Have you ever wondered what makes some authors attract thousands of followers, while some sit unnoticed? There are many things that go into creating a thriving following on Twitter. As in life, on social media, first impressions count.

Your Twitter profile is only one component of your author platform and should complement your overall brand. That means the photo on your website, and your Facebook author page, should be the same one used on Twitter (all social media sites should have a similar look and feel). Your header photo should also be the same one used on all other social media.

What can you do to stand out on Twitter and make others click follow?

1) Make Your Twitter handle easy to find. Yes, I know, someone took your name. I was lucky in that all I had to do was drop the “e” from my last name and I am @LynneConstantin – easy to find. Your user name can’t be longer than 15 characters which can problematic for those of us with longer names. Take some time and brainstorm ways to get as close to the name you are writing under, even if you have to add author or books after it. The key is for the first characters to be the ones closest to your name so that when people search – you come up.

For Example: If you are HarryWriter and someone else has already claimed your name, you could try @HarryWriterBooks or @HarryWriterAuth. It’s best to have whatever follows the @ to be as close to your name as possible.

2) Be clear about who you are. Do you write horror? Include that keyword. Are you passionate about education? Include that as well. Your profile should be written in the first person unlike your typical bio. Twitter is personal and you want to sound approachable. Look at other profiles of authors you admire. Take your time and make yours unique to you.

There are some keywords known to increase followers. Throw a few of these in, if appropriate: official, founder, speaker, expert, author (Peter Guirguis/Expert Twitter Tips)

3) Make it easy to find you. Is there a link to Twitter on your website? On your Facebook page? On your email? On your business card? You get the picture. Someone may be looking for you but because your Twitter name is not exactly the same as your author name (see number 1) they can’t find you on the Twitter search bar.

4) Tweet great content that gets retweeted. That’s one way for your name to start appearing on others’ feeds. If you keep tweeting relevant content, others will want to follow you.

5) Retweet others. What goes around comes around. Be generous with your retweets and positive comments. Others will see that you are someone beneficial to interact with.

6) Follow others. Most people are happy to reciprocate – especially if you follow like-minded people.

7) Stay active. If your last tweet was a month ago, there’s little reason for someone to follow you. Try to get on daily. Tweet. Retweet. Engage.

For more Twitter “how to’s” check out the social media tab on my website: If you find yourself short on time and in need of some social media support, email me at lynne@lynneconstantine.comm

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  • Martin Richmond says:

    Some great advice Lynne, probably what I need to develop to draw readers to my ebook The Trapdoor to Murder, a collection of short stories dealing with murder in mind and deed , not whodunnits but howdunnits! cheers,

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