How to Tweet like a Pro

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You’ve set up a killer profile, been faithfully building your following, even started categorizing your followers into lists. Now you have to give people a reason to continue to follow you—but how?

You’ve probably heard the expression:  “Content is King” (or Queen) depending on your point of view. So what is good content? Remembering that social media is all about building relationships and connections – ask yourself what you might say to a new friend or colleague you’ve just met. What kind of first impression would you make if the first thing you did was introduce yourself and ask her to buy your book?

As in real life, online interactions should be mutually beneficial. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional self-promoting tweet, but I promise you, if that’s all you tweet, you’ll find a dwindling following and a fast declining engagement. So what should you tweet?

  • Relevant articles on writing and publishing (helpful how to on: writing, querying, editing, social media)
  • News about the industry (new agents, new publishing deals)
  • Inspirational quotes (everyone loves a good quote)
  • Links to your original blog content on your website (drives traffic to your site without blatant self-promotion)
  • Book reviews
  • Blurbs promoting other authors (they may reciprocate and having other promote you is always better than promoting yourself)
  • Other people’s tweets (everyone likes to be retweeted)
  • Encouraging and affirming responses to other tweets (Congratulating good news, offering advice to a question)
  • Self-promotion (no more than 20% of the time – links to your book, reviews, special pricing, interviews, news about your book)
  • Follow Friday – don’t neglect this one. Using hashtag #FF tells others accounts you think they should follow. This is a great way to show your appreciation for others as well as to get attention from those you want to notice you

No time for all that content curation? There are tools that will gather that information for you based on keywords you set and deliver a stream for you to choose from each day.  Some examples are Scoop It, Pocket, Feedly, Storify, and  Swayy. Google alerts are another great way to have news delivered in to your inbox. If you still find the prospect daunting, check out my  Twitter for Authors Package or email me at

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