The Seven Deadly Sins to Avoid on Twitter

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What NOT to Do if You Want to Increase Your Following 

1. Protect Your Tweets –Twitter is an open platform based on people being able to connect with anyone. If I go to follow you and I get a “pending” message, I unfollow immediately. Unless you plan to  approve only family and friends (that’s what a personal Facebook is for) why are you going through the motion to approve me? Chances are your approval will be based on nothing other than the profile info anyway, which you have no way of verifying is accurate.

2. Use True Twit Validation – Another action that makes me hit unfollow. Why make it hard for people to follow you? What are you validating? If a robot account does follow you—so what? It doesn’t have any real effect on you, and all you are doing is annoying legitimate account holders and discouraging them from following you.

3. Send automatic direct messages—no one reads these and they smack of spam.

4. Tweet—I just unfollowed XX of people not following me. Don’t advertise that you’re using an automated service to manage your account. It looks unprofessional and it’s unnecessary to announce such things.

5. Never follow back – See # 4. Most knowledgeable Twitter users are using a service to check and see those who don’t follow back. If you want to keep those new followers, it’s polite to reciprocate and follow those with similar interests or in similar associations and groups as you.

6. Ignore Tweets – Twitter is about being social. If someone tweets to you—answer them. If you ignore others tweets to you,    you will soon get a reputation as a robot.

7. Have a Temper Tantrum –Twitter is not the place for vitriol, complaints, and rants. Unless you want to be known for controversy, watch what you say. It stays there forever.

So what should you do?

Read How to Tweet like a Pro.

Happy Tweeting!

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  • Barbara Radisavljevic says:

    I absolutely agree. I do check every profile before I follow or follow back and automation turns me off. By checking profiles I get to know my followers better so I can post what will interest them. I’m also learning to identify fake accounts so that I don’t follow them. I do sometimes get behind in responding to some tweets, but I do try to get to them as soon as possible. I follow back all accounts that tweet content I find valuable.

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