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There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.
Proverbs 14:12

Days after U.S. Senator Malcolm Phillips changes his vote on a bill he sponsored, he is murdered and his death disguised as an accident. He contacted one man before he died: investigative journalist, Jack Logan. He left Jack a single clue to help him uncover the truth and keep Phillip’s widow, Taylor, safe. But safe from whom?

Jack and Taylor’s desperate hunt leads them to a vast network of corrupt authority controlling everything from social media and television programming to law enforcement and US legislation. The key to unraveling a complex web of lies is a set of ancient relics, dating back to the time of Christ. But what do these relics have to do with a senator’s death?

Allies turn to foes when Jack and Taylor discover that those closest to them are part of the conspiracy, and that they too have been manipulated. How long has a puppet master been pulling their strings—and will Jack and Taylor trust the right people long enough to win what becomes a colossal battle for souls?

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"The Veritas Deception" By Lynne Constantine

I have to admit, "The Veritas Deception" took me by surprise. Constantine has written a gritty, pre-apocalyptic thriller that will have you wondering if we're living in this period of time. The characters, both good and bad, are written with such realistic emotion that you'll be cheering and jeering throughout the novel. Some of which you'll both cheer and jeer, because you won't know where on the good and evil spectrum they lie until they're fully exposed.

With "The Veritas Deception," Constantine has written a novel that will leave you thinking about the realism of its possibilities. The next time you turn on the television or look at a print ad, you just might find yourself wondering if there is an ulterior motive to the words and images you are viewing.

Although this story comes to a conclusion, you'll want to see these characters again as their story is not complete. "The Veritas Deception" is written on the grand scale of good and evil, yet delivered by ordinary, everyday people with the same virtues and flaws as all of us. Once you start reading, you'll be hooked.

Reviewed by J.M. LeDuc, author of "Painted Beauty," published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine

This is mandatory reading for any thriller aficionado.

Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

Washington power plays, Supreme Court intrigue, religious relics, and a chase for the ages. Fans of Brad Meltzer and James Rollins will love Lynne Constantine’s THE VERITAS DECEPTION.

Anthony Franze, Author of The Advocates Daughter

THE VERITAS DECEPTION is a delicious blend of intrigue and desperation with a healthy dose of hope and resolution to satiate every reader's appetite for a great story. Murdering morality is best served hot, which Lynne Constantine delivers expertly. Nothing compares to the way Constantine suspends disbelief long enough to let me race through her maze of twists and turns to a heart-pounding ending, although the story harkened thoughts of Newberry Award Winner HOUSE OF SCORPION and master novelist Stephen King's THE STAND. Incredible read.

Sandra Brannan, Author of the Liv Bergen Mystery Series

The Veritas Deception offers a superb blend of a political, speculative, and action thriller. Lynne Constantine manages this delicate balancing act with a skill and aplomb that is both a throwback to Robert Ludlum and testament to Dan Brown. The kind of tale Alfred Hitchcock would have loved to adapt and thriller lovers are certain to devour.

Jon Land, USA Today Bestselling Author
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